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Happy New Year 2023

We made a little trip to Augsburg over New Year – so there were no big parties in Dollietown this time, but we had two little companions with us – Lucy and Beverley- I think they quite enjoyed the trip.

On the first evening we went to Winterland – there we enjoyed spiced wine and country potatoes.

On the second day we went on a tour of the town. Behind the girls there is the „Kälberhalle“ – the restaurant where we celebrated New Years‘ Eve.

As the girls didn’t go with us to the party, they insisted on having some champagne before.

On the first of January we enjoyed a long walk along the river Lech. The weather was dry and sunny although quite windy.

It’s Christmas time in Dollietown

Like every year Christmas is a big thing in Dollietown. The preparations normally start two weeks before the 1st of Advent in order to get everything ready in time. During these two weeks the doll room is in a terrible disorder as it is a lot of work to put up the Christmas market and dress all the girls and boys in suitable outfits. Every year I realize that I don’t have enough outfits and have to order or sew new ones.

But then, when everything is ready, Dollietown is magical.

Now let’s look at some details.

There is a big stage, where the dolls can perform Christmas songs.

Some prefer to perform off stage.

There is a Christmas circus where you can see magical performances.

And of course there are Carol singers.

Have you ever heard Christmas carols sung by a cat choir? Well. it’s quite an experience.

You can go on sleigh rides.

Or go ice skating.

And of yourse you can buy Christmas trees.

Quinn is having a lot of fun. Let’s scooter towards Christmas!

While Harley bough a snow globe.

The two new Draculauras are having fun,too. It’s their first time at the Christmas market as they joined my collection this year. They got new outfits suitable for the cold weather.

The kids are having fun in the snow – there is always snow at Christmas in Dollietown.

There are lots of things going on inside the doll house, too.

There is a toy store ready for the kids at Christmas.

The shop assistants put on suitable outfits.

Poppy also got a new outfit, which is more suited for indoors and looks great under the Christmas tree.

Cookies are very important.

So are presents and drinking hot chocolate in front of the fire.

On Christmas Eve – Santa came to town with his two little helpers.

Now let’s have a look at the bigger 1/4 and 1/3 scale dolls. They like Christmas, too. Here are some of the new outfits they got this year. The Minifees like ugly sweaters, but always stylish ones.

While the Evangelines prefer more elegant outfits. They dressed as Victorian Carol singers.

Someone is always a Grinch.

Or at least wears a Grinch outfit.

The highlight is always the Christmas show underneath the tree on Christmas Eve. It’s become a tradition that the BJDs that joined the collection during the year have to perform in a little show. This year we had an elf choir singing „Five little Elves“, Brooklyn insisted on presenting a Dinosaur poem and we had the story of the Christmas Bunny.

After the show the new Christmas dolls come out.

On the left Pixie – she is a Lydia Studio head on a Minifee body – bought second hand. She needs another wig and the body is not in avery good condition, so she will need a new one. On the right is Daisy – a Myou doll.

Harley and Wondy on tour again

Harley had heard of the big pumpkin exhibition in a nearby town so she insisted on visiting it. We went there shortly before Halloween.

Harley was very happy … there were so many things to see.

There were huge piles of pumpkins.

They came in different sizes, forms and colours.

Some were already rotten… Harley was very curious.

Others you could use as seats.

There were different statues made completely out of pumpkins. Here are just some of them.

And there were scary faces.

Harley tried to smash some pumpkins ….

…. and she succeeded.

We had to buy the girls some pumpkins that they could paint for Halloween.

Which one is the scariest?

Happy Halloween

Well, it’s October again and as always there is a lot going on in Dollietown before Halloween.

The shops are decorated with typical things…

… there is a pumpkin patch where the girls are sure to find the right Halloween pumpkin …

… and there is a pop up store for Halloween costumes where every doll can find the suitable outfit.

The girls are very excited about their outfits and they all hope to look their best.

Here are just some of the outfits.

DC and Fiona – Day and Night

Lilith and Vivian – Steampunk

Mirwen, Nicki, Livia and Ellowyne – Travelling in Time

The Evangelines – Victorian Elegance – well, Elvira is always different, she didn’t want to wear a long skirt … the others were annoyed.

The Livs are ready for the Halloween party – the Motto is „Dress like your favourite Disney character“

Cami, Miette and Brooke decided to stay casual and only wear Halloween T-shirts.

There were lot’s of things going on at Halloween. Trick or Treating is a big thing – everyone hopes to get the most sweets.

Baby was very excited – she had put on her Pumpkin costume days before. Lunnula had to accompany her so that she didn’t eat up all the sweets at once.

In the evening there were many parties. The Livs celebrated indoors. They had decorated the room days before.

The Ghouls celebrated outdoors at the big annual Casta Fierce concert. As always Clawdia Wolf made a report for the DBC.

At Midnight … “ Double, double, toil and trouble/ Fire burn and caldron bubble“. I wonder what the three witches are brewing. Hopefully just a drink for the Halloween Party.

Now just some impressions from the human world. We like Halloween, too.

Welcome to Dollietown Zoo

Dollietown Zoo is a favourite place for the dolls. Every year there are new attractions. So, let’s go inside. There are many new tortoises.

The orangoutang has got a baby!

There are different habitats. First the desert:

Then the African grasland:

Meerkats are the girl’s favourites.


Let’s visit the European Wood. The squirells are new!

Wow! An owl !

Are dogs allowed?

The swan pond is very relaxing!

The Arctic.

The Amazonian Rainforest – the girls love the colourful birds.

There are also food and drinks.

And you can buy some sovenirs in the shop. Little Alice decided to buy a blue hippo.

Some of the girl’s favourite animals are the red pandas.

They are some of my favourite animals, too.

Otters …

Platypus …

There is also a pet zoo for the younger girls.

Harley’s little black holiday book – the fish party

Well, we are all back home again and as alwys Harley wanted to throw a party for her friends. She ordered lotl of different fish rolls ( which I had to make).

Of course there were also drinks and the girls had a lot of fun. Harley wanted to see if the fish tastes differently if you eat it upside down. Well, she always has funny ideas …

There was also a fish barbecue for the girls who wanted warm food. Harley 2 seemed to like that better. Or did she want the beer from under the table?

It’s all about Barbie!

I keep telling myself – “ I’ve got over Barbie, I moved on to other dolls like BJDs and Smart dolls, there is nothing new in the Barbie world“ – and … I’m always proved wrong. Barbie gets me again and again and I always discover new dolls that I want in my collection ( where will I find space for them !!!), but (unfortunately) older Barbies are also fascinating and maybe I will add some more to my collection.

Well … I went to the Barbie exhibition in Bruchsal a few days ago. Here are some impressions. It was not easy to decide which dolls to take with me – I decided on Laurie (a former astronaut Barbie I have rebodied for more poseability) and Rainbow ( Barbie extra 5)

I find vintage Barbies interesting, but I don’t have any in my collection. I like to look at them, but they lack the poseability I like so much.

Laurie admired Barbie Totally Hair – I must confess – I like her, too.

Barbies that were produced after 2000 are more my kind of dolls as I started collecting in 2013.

Rainbow thought the Rock Concert fascinating.

Hollywood – I’m always fascinated how similar to real people some dolls look.

Barbie – Disney


Group photo with my two companions.

Another big event was the Barbie movie.

And of course some new dolls entered my collection.

Waiting for more … I’d love the Weird Barbie and Alan.

Harley’s little black holiday book – part 3

Day 10 – today we could finally go to the beach. The weather was still not very warm but at least it didn’t rain anymore. Quinn was very excited, she wanted to go into the water which was very cold and after that she wanted to play with a ball.

We had sandy feet.

Hawkie and Frost decided to relax in beach chairs.

We ate ice cream …

…and looked at the skyline of Stralsund.

We spend the rest of the day packing our things.

Day 11- We left Stralsund today and drove to Potsdam. We spend the next three days in a huge hotel with a big pool.

Day 12 – We visited Sanssouci today. I had already been there two years ago with Starfire and Bumblebee. So I wanted to visit another part of the garden this time.

We entered the garden through the New Palais.

I think Hawkie liked the garden…

… and the Chinese Tea House.

I liked the fountains and statues.

Day 13 – we packed our things and went to Weißenfels. The last part of our journey.

We are finally home again. The girls want us to have a party with fish rolls and beer and tell them about our trip. So it’s time to start the preparations.

Harley’s little black holiday book – part 2

Day 6 – on Sunday it was very rainy and windy, so we decided to go to the aquarium.

Inside it was very full of people, but it was quite interesting and there were many fish.

After the aquarium we bought some fish and chips, but had to eat it at home because it was so rainy and windy.

Day 7 – Peenemünde

We went to the isle of Rügen again, to an industrial museum. We didn’t think it would be funny at first, but there were many interesting things to explore.

It rained quite heavily, so we got quite wet and were happy to stay inside the main building. But some of the exhibits were outside. Luckily therain finally stopped.

I chased Quinn about – I wanted to shoot her to the moon using one of the rockets, because she kept talking all the time. But – the rockets were wet, so it didn’t work.

And then we visited another submarine. Our male human alway finds them and always wants to visit them. For us it’s boring because we have to stay inside the doll bag. Dolls are not allowed on submarines.

On our way home we visited the old ruins of a monastery. We didn’t have enough time as it started to rain again.

Day 8 – there is nothing to say about this day – we just chilled.

Day 9 – We went by ship today! It rained again, so we had to stay inside the ship cabin. Luckily it stopped raining at the end, so we could see the white cliffs of Rügen.

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