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Monat: Juni 2023

Let’s go rollerskating!

As the weather was sunny and warm all the time, some of the girls decided to go rollerskating.

Billy and Celine (called Crumbs) skated in the sun. Of course basecaps were very important.

Breaks were also important. Billy likes chocolate, but she shouldn’t eat too much – a slice of watermelon is much healthier. ( At least Crumbs thinks so)

Baby joined the Skatergang for the first time – she was a little afraid. But of course Cookie was a patient teacher.

Breaks for enjoying cool drinks were also important.

Finally the four girls did a tour together.

Moxie Teenz – Liv’s bigger sisters (?)

I find Moxie Teenz quite amazing dolls – they have very beautiful faces ( which is typical for MGA dolls) and are articulated, although not as poseable as I would like and quite delicate. They are taller than Barbies – 14″, which makes it difficult to find outfits and especially shoes for them.

They came in three series – one and two with wigs and three rooted. I don’t have any dolls from series two, because they were very hard to get and the differences to series one were not so big – only the outfits and maybe the make up a little bit.

Here are the characters:

  1. Melrose

2. Tristen

3. Arizona

4. Bijou

5. Gavin and Leigh

6. Tanja

She is not a MT doll but a Tattoo Diva – her face remindend me of the Moxie Teenz though. I thought of rebodying her on a more poseable body , but decided against it because she is so unique.

Simba dolls

I do not have many Simba dolls. Although I love the sweet Steffi love faces, there is not a great variety in them. So here is my Steffi love collection. The dark haired girl is a Mystic Girlz doll, also by Simba – a special line with a little Gothic touch. On the right is an older Steffi doll.

The older Steffi doll came with a horse – I bought her in a thrift store. The other Simba horse is from ebay. I love the fluffy horses that Simba made, they have more the feeling of a real animal than the shiny plastic Mattel horses. I think they look quite realistic although there is no articulation at all.

Other Mattel dolls were the Simba Supermodels – a few years ago you could still find them in stores. They also had a Twilight Teenz series( the two girls on the left ,with gray and white skin tones) – probably inspired my MH dolls. The bodies are not very high quality but still have good articulation.

Liv Doll Collection

For a long time ( until Barbie Made to Move came up) Liv Dolls were the most poseable dolls I owned. I still love them and find their faces with inset eyes very impressive.

I found Abbey Love in a thrift store. She has many similarities to Liv Dolls.

When the Snap Stars Dolls came up a few years ago I was very excited. Their faces look very similar to the Liv faces. The bodies are much tinier, but still poseable. I decided to keep them on their original bodies as Mini Mes for the Livs.

And this is where the Liv Dolls live. They have got their own room and clearly love watching TV.

The Mini Mes take after their big sisters.

The Barbie Story – WWE special

Are they Barbies or not? Well in some ways the WWE Divas dolls are Barbies – they were produced by Mattel and can wear Barbie clothes. But they have more muscular bodies and bigger feet – which is a problem, as they cannot wear Barbie shoes and shoe options are limited.

When I was watching WWE regularly a few years ago, the dolls came out. I was very excited and bought quite a few, but not all of the collection. I like the girls most in summer when they can wear bikinies. Then their muscular bodies can be seen best and shoes are no problem on the beach.

So let’s have a bikini contest.

I found the girls to be great body donors – so here are my three custom dolls. Left and right – Billie Kay and Peyton Royce from the WWE duo the IIconics inspired me to these dolls. The girl in the middle is Erso Jyn from the Forces of Destiny series. She had a coloured plastic body ( again … I hate that! ) and I thought this body suited her greatly.

These girls are not WWE Divas. but Superhero dolls, also by Mattel. I found them to have a similar body shape to the other girls – except, they don’t have moveable wrists.

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