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Monat: November 2023

Harley and Wondy on tour again

Harley had heard of the big pumpkin exhibition in a nearby town so she insisted on visiting it. We went there shortly before Halloween.

Harley was very happy … there were so many things to see.

There were huge piles of pumpkins.

They came in different sizes, forms and colours.

Some were already rotten… Harley was very curious.

Others you could use as seats.

There were different statues made completely out of pumpkins. Here are just some of them.

And there were scary faces.

Harley tried to smash some pumpkins ….

…. and she succeeded.

We had to buy the girls some pumpkins that they could paint for Halloween.

Which one is the scariest?

Happy Halloween

Well, it’s October again and as always there is a lot going on in Dollietown before Halloween.

The shops are decorated with typical things…

… there is a pumpkin patch where the girls are sure to find the right Halloween pumpkin …

… and there is a pop up store for Halloween costumes where every doll can find the suitable outfit.

The girls are very excited about their outfits and they all hope to look their best.

Here are just some of the outfits.

DC and Fiona – Day and Night

Lilith and Vivian – Steampunk

Mirwen, Nicki, Livia and Ellowyne – Travelling in Time

The Evangelines – Victorian Elegance – well, Elvira is always different, she didn’t want to wear a long skirt … the others were annoyed.

The Livs are ready for the Halloween party – the Motto is „Dress like your favourite Disney character“

Cami, Miette and Brooke decided to stay casual and only wear Halloween T-shirts.

There were lot’s of things going on at Halloween. Trick or Treating is a big thing – everyone hopes to get the most sweets.

Baby was very excited – she had put on her Pumpkin costume days before. Lunnula had to accompany her so that she didn’t eat up all the sweets at once.

In the evening there were many parties. The Livs celebrated indoors. They had decorated the room days before.

The Ghouls celebrated outdoors at the big annual Casta Fierce concert. As always Clawdia Wolf made a report for the DBC.

At Midnight … “ Double, double, toil and trouble/ Fire burn and caldron bubble“. I wonder what the three witches are brewing. Hopefully just a drink for the Halloween Party.

Now just some impressions from the human world. We like Halloween, too.

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