Like every year Christmas is a big thing in Dollietown. The preparations normally start two weeks before the 1st of Advent in order to get everything ready in time. During these two weeks the doll room is in a terrible disorder as it is a lot of work to put up the Christmas market and dress all the girls and boys in suitable outfits. Every year I realize that I don’t have enough outfits and have to order or sew new ones.

But then, when everything is ready, Dollietown is magical.

Now let’s look at some details.

There is a big stage, where the dolls can perform Christmas songs.

Some prefer to perform off stage.

There is a Christmas circus where you can see magical performances.

And of course there are Carol singers.

Have you ever heard Christmas carols sung by a cat choir? Well. it’s quite an experience.

You can go on sleigh rides.

Or go ice skating.

And of yourse you can buy Christmas trees.

Quinn is having a lot of fun. Let’s scooter towards Christmas!

While Harley bough a snow globe.

The two new Draculauras are having fun,too. It’s their first time at the Christmas market as they joined my collection this year. They got new outfits suitable for the cold weather.

The kids are having fun in the snow – there is always snow at Christmas in Dollietown.

There are lots of things going on inside the doll house, too.

There is a toy store ready for the kids at Christmas.

The shop assistants put on suitable outfits.

Poppy also got a new outfit, which is more suited for indoors and looks great under the Christmas tree.

Cookies are very important.

So are presents and drinking hot chocolate in front of the fire.

On Christmas Eve – Santa came to town with his two little helpers.

Now let’s have a look at the bigger 1/4 and 1/3 scale dolls. They like Christmas, too. Here are some of the new outfits they got this year. The Minifees like ugly sweaters, but always stylish ones.

While the Evangelines prefer more elegant outfits. They dressed as Victorian Carol singers.

Someone is always a Grinch.

Or at least wears a Grinch outfit.

The highlight is always the Christmas show underneath the tree on Christmas Eve. It’s become a tradition that the BJDs that joined the collection during the year have to perform in a little show. This year we had an elf choir singing „Five little Elves“, Brooklyn insisted on presenting a Dinosaur poem and we had the story of the Christmas Bunny.

After the show the new Christmas dolls come out.

On the left Pixie – she is a Lydia Studio head on a Minifee body – bought second hand. She needs another wig and the body is not in avery good condition, so she will need a new one. On the right is Daisy – a Myou doll.