In spring, when nature comes to life after a long, cold winter, the Enchantimals also wake up. After some spring cleaning I think their house is ready to be shown to everyone. They live on a shelf in my Dollroom in a self- made house – and I think they are quite happy there. I do not often play with them, so they live a quiet life. I hope they don’t feel neglected.

Here is their house – it has got different floors with different rooms and it even has a roof top terrace that they can use in summer. Of course the house is full of plants because the like living in the middle of nature.

On the ground floor there is Pettia Pig’s cafè and a little shop run by Bree Bunny where the Enchantimals can buy all the things they need.

On the first floor there is the living-room – they even have a fireplace for cold winter time.

There is also a balcony.

On the top floor there is the bedroom.

They have got a small garden, too.

And of course there is a bathroom.

In summer they can use the terrace.

Now meet my Enchantimals collection. I stopped collecting after some time because the house was full although there are still some other interesting characters .